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Grandma Linnea was a storyteller. She entertained her grandchildren by telling tales she had come up by herself. After grandma Linnea passing away her granddaughter, Sanna-Marja Suojanen realized how Grandma’s stories actually encouraged to use imagination and compassion towards other people and animals. Grandma Linnea’s stories exude the same warm atmosphere, kindness, and justice as Grandma herself. Luckily Grandma’s stories were found in written from the chest of a drawer.

On the following day of grandma’s death, painted Sanna-Marja her first painting. She sat on the floor the canvas in front of her, and she let the brushes fly. She felt grandma’s spirit while painting as if Grandma had encouraged her to paint.

After the first painting, a year went by. Sanna-Marja was busy taking care of children and working, just like Grandma did back in the days. But the doctrine of the grandma was strongly involved in everyday life, through the painting had to wait. On the first anniversary of Grandma’s death, a new painting finally saw the light of the day. Sanna-Marja realized that there was a message. She should find time to paint and to become a visual artist inspired by her late Grandma Linnea.

At the same time, much more happened. Publishing house Reuna got interested in Grandma Linnea’s stories. An old-fashioned, but timeless style of fairy tales, where good wins and justice is believed, returns us to simple basic virtues. Every grandmother would love to read these fairy tales to their grandchildren.

Linnea became a posthumous writer. Sanna-Marja is painting now abstract artworks, intuitively with a lot of emotions. It can be called compassion art created under the guidance of Grandma. Sanna-Marja thinks that compassion is a real superpower. Superpower, which will increase atmosphere of goodwill. Compassion is what Sanna-Marja wants to pass through with her paintings. Paintings are also here to remain about things, which are valuable in this life.

My upcoming events:

M.A.D.S Milano, "Dressme", Milan 17-30.9.2020

Culture House Wanhan Hardware Store gallery, Finland " Compassion Art with Grandma Linnea "4- 30.10.2020

International Contemporary Bruxelles Art Fair 2020, Brussels,20-22.11.2020

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