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My work includes analog and digital art with mixed media, frame-by-frame animation, illustrated stories, comics, and podcasts.

My work lives in the middle of what is real and what is not longer. I take care of representing the subtle deformation of the body identity because, with some exceptions, I find reality quite predictable, so I look for the moment when a common object or subject stop being it.  For this, I take as reference the eastern and western animation, the Latin American idiosyncrasy, and various technical and technological resources. I achieve this expression by experimenting with various styles, having minimalism, the human figure, and resistant color palettes as principles.



Featured in the next issue of ContemporaryIdentities International Online Art Magazine.


Illustration fair “Brunswick market” Melbourne 2019

RAW Australia Melbourne 2019

Illustration Expo “Imagen palabra 10” Bogotá 2019 

Illustration Expo in Three papers comics Melbourne 2018 

Art Expo “Labios de orquídea” Bogotá 2018 Art and design fair “de autor” Bogotá 2018

Digital expo Peppersoul magazine Colombia 2017:

Illustration Expo “Imagenpalabra 7” Bogotá 2016

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