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Originally from Portugal, Sara Barros is a graphic designer & Illustrator who engages in mixed media artwork, giving you colourful, fine imagery, sketched feel, and pop art experience. She gets inspiration from music, fashion, nature, people, and cultural traditions, telling a story through an image.

“I am always telling a colorful story through my artwork, I want people to navigate into my concepts. Graphic Design enables me to create”

She works with many different media, from pencils, collage, markers to soft pastels, combining them with her graphic design background, and creating a digital art piece.

Art has always been a passion since a very early age. She spent her childhood inspired by the colourful culture and traditions that surrounded her. Her sense of style and design is very connected to her travel experiences. Although she lived in Ireland, France, and Luxembourg working as a graphic designer & illustrator in many publishing houses and creative studios, she currently resides in Germany.

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