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Bristol based artist, Sarah Bright, puts emotion into abstract art and has been painting for the past year, working as a video editor with a passion for painting and expressing her vision and imaginations onto paper, she gives people the chance to interpret what they see or how they feel when they see her work.
Sarah has combined her art skills with 5 years of video editing experience, bringing together a perfect marriage of her two passions and her skills for producing something beautiful. Her use of colour and technique allows Sarah to challenge people’s perspectives while they view her work and each one tells a different story. Sarah also

likes to explore the depths of the movement of colour, texture and composition.
Sarah's unique use of acrylic paints, oil paints and pastels makes her art innovative and unique which is like visual poetry bursting with vibrancy and energetic expression. She looks forward to where this new passion will take her and how she can impact and inspire others with her art work.

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