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I share a little piece of my heart in every painting I create.

I rarely know beforehand how the new artwork will shape and develop. Nothing is given or decided; the blank canvas itself provokes inspiration. It is exciting to stand in front of a white canvas. A thousand thoughts and artworks start to dance in my head. I just get started and once the lines, shapes, and colors start coming together, an idea for the motive takes form as well.

This high degree of unpredictability and impulse fascinates me and brings energy & dynamics into my art. Spontaneity lives.

Monotony does not exist in my world!


I create my paintings across multiple genres with a constant desire to try new techniques and approaches. I work with a wide palette of materials /tools such as oil- and acrylic paint, pen, cole, and crayons on canvas.

I do have a weakness for Gold color that I use in different materials and structures, almost becoming a trademark in all my paintings.


I was born, raised, and awarded a University degree in Interior Design in the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean.

Later moved to Paris, France to learn french and study Fashion Illustration.


I have exhibited my paintings in numerous galleries, art shows, and -associations in Denmark where I now live & Sweden as well.


When I paint, I am free. In a way, I transport myself to my second universe. My art is fueled by impulse, mood, and creativity more than predetermined ideas or genres. I do not consider my paintings complete until the motive, all colors and elements come together as a unity and no single piece bothers my eye.


The hours I spend in front of the easel are pure contemplation & happiness. A balm for my soul. When I paint, the world outside my studio could end, and I would not notice.

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