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Sarah Sack is a self-trained abstract painter and clinical social worker based in Southern California. She works in a mix of acrylic paint, watercolor, pastel, ink, and graphite with a penchant for bright colors against stark negative space. Her often brightly-colored paintings are informed by her work as a therapist and social worker in their exploration of the nuance and complexity of human emotion. She uses color, texture, and an organic quality of movement as a way of stepping out of the hyperverbal expression that dominates the day-to-day, and into the visual, visceral, and non-verbal communication of emotions and experiences through art.

Sarah has had a rotating collection of work featured by Jonathon’s Coastal Living Interior Design since 2018 and has been featured in a weekly curatorial article by Art in Res describing her work as “fully immers[ive]” and reflective of “chaos, unity, and totality”. Since returning to her love of art in 2017 she has exhibited in group shows, and interest in her work has grown quickly with a steady following of collectors and pipeline of commissions.

Sarah’s work continues to be inspired by how she processes the world around her and internalizes influences of music, literature, and film. Her hope is that for viewers, her exploration of color, shape, and texture will be a universally accessible way of gently holding an experience in front of themselves to examine.

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