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My name is Sara Karen, and I live in Kent, UK with my 4 children, twins Lydia and Joshua, Hannah, Jessica, and my hubby Phil and pet dog Toby.

Ever since I was very young, I have been passionate about creativity, not just art, but literally anything and everything that I have been involved in. I excelled in Art at school, but much to my regret did not follow through in engaging in a career in Art and Design. Instead I took a more academic path and worked in a number of positions before taking a career break to look after my children. It was during this time that I took an interest in Interior Design and Décor. I started my own Design and Décor business and during this venture re-discovered by passion for art, pushing to see original art in Interior Installations rather than mass produced prints.

I started making my own original art pieces and to term a phrase, the rest is history.
Although fairly new to the world of art, I feel like I have found my place, whilst my faith is another huge part of my path and my sense of calling into the arts arena. So, I am now a full-time artist, discovering my vibe.

My style is still evolving……. but I am obsessed with sea and cloudscapes, working with oils to create atmospheric pieces, and pieces that create a sense of calm. Some pieces are quite abstract, whilst others are impressionistic. Another obsession is my work with Alcohol Inks. I love the freedom and fluidity of the inks and how they dance together on paper, creating outstanding patterns and colours. There is no plan, just time to play and create with this medium. Overall, to be able to capture something and transfer that onto canvas or paper, is a gift that I treasure.

My dream? That my work would catch your eye, cause you to stand still, breathe deeply and forget the stress of the world maybe just for a moment. I am deeply honoured to be included in the Emerging Artists Platform, and to be able to exhibit is again only something up until this point I could only dream about.

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