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Hi, I am Sarp Süerdaş from Istanbul, Turkey. I’m a visual designer and paint extravagant specialist with a BA degree in Visual Design and MSc in Integrated Product Design. My greatest source of pride is that I have founded and launched the one and only art subscription-box company in Turkey, aiming to make art and creating accessible to everyone in Turkey. I believe that we can only exist as long as we keep the creative juice flowing and as long as we create we will keep making this a better place to live in. Each of us is filled with enormous amounts of energy and we owe it to nature to pour this into something and I can get into a never-ending discussion that there is no better place to pour this energy than something creative.

I mainly use resin and acrylic for my works. The medium I use them differs but it is safe to say that two main groups of works that I do are the resin sculptures and absurd portraits.

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