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My name is Saskia and I am proud to share my artwork with you, and I thank you for taking the time to connect with my work. 

Since school, I´ve always created and lived a life full of creativity.  I´ve made an artistic exam and after it, I`ve traveled the world

I am an occupational therapist, and recently this year I changed my field from neurology to psychiatric.


My professional work made me realize how much power creativity and art influences the mind, and how it can be a form of meditation to heal depression, or a gateway to free the mind.

Nearly every day I spend time with mentally sick patients, I show them ways to express, connect and process their feelings through materials such as clay, stone, silk, paper, and of course, colours. 

I use this practice not only for my patients but for myself, and as a result, I create art that I hope you enjoy. 

My goal is to inspire people to explore their creative side and channel their minds to find a different path or just feel free, and I do this by sharing my own work where possible. I work with many materials such as resin, clay, origami, wool, and paint on canvas. I create abstract pieces, using mostly fluid techniques like acrylic pouring and marbling on canvas.


Each piece is uniquely created and so are the feelings you discover in them. 

After completing a piece of artwork I hang it on a wall, listen to some music and let the painting tell me a story. It takes me to an almost magical place, my imagination roams free and I come across fascinating objects and even creatures. This is the reason why my paintings have abstract names. This is me sharing my beautiful fairy tales with you, just sit down and listen to the painting and enjoy a journey to another world.

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