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The relation between nature and human beings remains a constant theme of my artworks. My paintings are filled with numerous detailed stories, expressions, and of course, emotion.

I am trying to depict the essence and flavor of my past and present lives and most importantly, to accumulate the beautiful journey of my life at full length in my art. The paintings express my inner feelings with visually acquired articles of this magical world that inspire me to create this kind of artwork. Those artworks portray the theme of nature and civilization intertwining its story of survival. A state of instability, of constant leaving. Sometimes leaving for survival, sometimes leaving towards something that is better, towards progress. Constant moving represents an essential element in my life and work, both in the sense of physical relocation, of emotional and interior shifts. This series has been inspired by my journey to the land of opportunities, exploring the cultural landscape, the diaspora, and the natural diversity, all unifying to the one big European dream.

Thanks a lot for going through this journey and your enthusiasm towards my work will drive me a long way. 

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