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Susanne Ballinger is a UK based artist. She works with different media that include acrylic and oil painting, drawing and collage techniques as well as photography.


Her visceral paintings combine a process-based practice that continually rethink and challenge the boundaries of traditional painting. They are hybrids of recognizable surfaces that hang in the balance of abstraction and reality, exploring a variety of surfaces, textures, and colors.


The opposing impulses of creation and destruction mark the touchstone of some of her work, where the viewer can just make out the colors underneath before they become painted over, in what is like moving between dualities - creation and destruction, fluidity, and starkness.


She implements collage techniques, such as tissue paper, in her paintings in order to create depth. Some of her paintings are of a tactile nature, created with the use of oil sticks and pigments, leaving the viewer to be compelled to touch it.


In her photographs, she has been using shadows and deliberately made them an integral part of the artworks. The viewer sees sections of her own paintings as well as the markings of the shadows of other objects, thus drawing lines out of the insubstantial, creating forms out of something that is not tangible.

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