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My desire is to simply create beauty in ways that keep me inspired and move
others. It is all about CONNECTION.

I came from a family of musicians and artisans and as a child I drew constantly
and studied art off and on but never fully went down that path either in college
or professionally. I spent many years in my twenties as a working musician
before falling into a career as a web designer. Over time, days spent staring at a
computer screen working digitally ignited a thirst in me to create real tangible
art. I studied pen and ink, drawing, watercolor, acrylics and finally settled on my
favorite medium of oil paints.

I refer to my style as ‘Romantic Realism’, which is contemporary and often lives at
the edge of realism and abstraction. I am inspired by a wide array of genres and
subjects and constantly amazed at the process of laying down little abstract
pieces of paint to form a fully realized picture – for me it’s like a form of alchemic
magic. I am drawn toward the romantic and my subjects often include the
female figure, flowers, or horses. My influences range the gamut from 20th
century masters like Kandinsky, Monet, and Sargent to modern masters such as
Alex Kanevsky, Christian Hook, Iryna Yermolova, Francois Bard and Cecily Brown.
I’m also constantly influenced by music and the metaphor of melody, harmony
and rhythm and how it correlates to painting.

I am deeply influenced by abstract expressionism in my mark making and
rendering of my subjects. I paint with a blend of precision drawing with big
textures and juicy blobs of paint, working with brushes palette knives and
fingers, with rivulets of running oil, scrapes and blends, anything to create happy
accidents within the composition and form of the piece.

I have had my artwork published with a major provider of art reproductions for
hospitality and interior design industries, as well as appearing on the hit
American TV show “Glee”. I produce gallery work as well as private commissions.

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