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Segar Noemi was born on the 22nd of February 1999, in Bologna, Italy.  She was born and raised in Italy till the age of 6 when her parents decided to move her to Sri Lanka, her motherland, for educational purposes where she also spent most of her years.
Noemi has had a passion for art ever since she could remember and is self-taught.
Art has always been her only escape and the cure to overcoming even the darkest times.
She moved back to Italy in 2016 and is now a Psychology student aiming and hoping to choose Art merged with Psychology together for her higher studies, dreaming to one day become an Art Therapist and settle down in Canada.
Noemi’s artworks are mainly inspired by Unfinished Art as you will see, most of her Artworks will be unfinished styled pieces.
Noemi’s main goal is to portray a deeper meaning behind every piece of her Art, hence you will see there is always a hidden story behind every stroke and every expression shown in her work building a stronger connection through the eyes of the audience.
As a kid, Noemi got used to drawing with everything and anything that she could find around the household and has till now continued to do so.
As she is a self-taught artist, she does not focus on any particular style or medium, therefore you will always find various different techniques and materials mixed together in her Artwork always experimenting with everything, such as Ink, Paint, Charcoal, water, oils, canvas, paper, make-up brushes, etc..
She strongly believes that Art can explain what even words sometimes fail to speak.

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