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The why of why I am here is so that humanity can continue to exist on this planet. I have also come to know myself as an artist. I am an automatist in that I do automatic drawings and paintings. I have done abstract and figurative works. Lately, it has been a series of portraits, however, they come from my subconscious. I am also working on portraits for others as part of my practice.
In my faces, they are reflections of who I am in my masculine and feminine identities. If I can say, “I Am the Universe”, then everything in it has something to do with me. I am a creator or co-creator with everything else in it. There is also your world, then there is my world. My world consists of everything I am aware of in my circle of influence. All other objective things can be part of your world, but don’t have anything to do with me on a subjective level because I am not the one experiencing it. Therefore everything that happens to me is subjective as it comes through my filters and is interpreted by me. Like everything, I experience to do this how could anything be anything other than subjective that I am experiencing.
My paintings come from other places yet are still channeled through me to become physical on a piece of paper or in a painting. I am bringing the fifth dimension, the dream time, into the third dimension, the artwork. This is the work of the automatist. To do without doing. To step into no mind. Simply be. This is why my faces become a reflection of myself as I am interpreting my dream on a piece of paper or canvas.
In my abstract work, I see images in the work. It starts as an abstract expressionist piece, then as I view the painting, it becomes for me an objective image. Usually, I can see multiple images in one canvas, even as I turn the paintings. Some only see the color field, and that is fine. Once the piece has left me and is given to the public it is up to them to find their own subjective reality with my work.