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Susie’s abstract paintings are borne of her imagination and a passion to create. She applies vibrant colours in acrylics and oils to canvas, bringing it to life. She immerses herself in her work and the results portray her love of, and fascination with, colour and form. Sometimes the paints are blended and flow one to another seamlessly, creating the illusion of movement. Sometimes the colours sit in stark juxtaposition to one another, creating contrast and depth. Susie paints intuitively; head and heart, hand and brush  (and many other tools) work together in mysterious collaboration, creating paintings that evoke a mood, or perhaps prompt a thought, that words alone cannot convey.


Her paintings have been described as powerful, vibrant, colourful, transformational, expressive, and unique. It has also been said that her paintings are “abstracts with a purpose”. Susie strives to keep her work “her own” and original in every respect. She finds inspiration in the world around her and often in the act of painting itself as she works with colours and the shapes that evolve as she paints. Susie has no desire to replicate on canvas what already exists in reality, preferring to create her own vision of what she has seen and how it makes her feel.


Susie continues to develop her art by experimenting with paint and different processes in the application. She currently favors the use of acrylic paints and a variety of appropriate mediums and sometimes tools other than brushes to create her desired effect.

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