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For me, art is a spiritual practice and I believe the universe does influence what I’m creating, hence my name. The paint glides, entwines, shines and sets in all its glory. The end of every piece, I know is exactly how it was meant to be. Perfectly imperfect and a piece of my time, vision and love. I’m’ inspired by nature, love and the evolution of self. This is reflected in my work, I have a few tastes and styles which you’ll see in my portfolio, it’s developed over time from bright, bold abstract art to perhaps more refined, fine art. I love playing with brushes, colours and use both acrylic mediums
and water colour to get the desired look on each piece.

I’m a self-taught artist, I often start a piece with an inkling of an idea, but often, this forms into something quite different. I love playing with techniques and imagery to achieve the desired outcome.

A little about me…
I’m based in Hertfordshire in the UK. I’m a free spirit, vintage enthusiast, vegan woman on a spiritual path of discovery. I love to travel, explore, be in nature, animals and I put energy and life into all I touch.

Thank you for buying a piece of my time and heart.

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