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Shelley Barbour is a self taught Australian artist born in the summer of '69 in Brisbane, Queensland. Although most of her working life has been in the sport and recreation industry, her passion has always been in art and illustration. 

After studying a Diploma of Graphic Design in her early 40's, she began freelancing as an illustrator / designer part-time while her 3 kids attended school. In 2017, in her later 40's she was diagnosed with breast cancer...this was a game changer. With her husband's and family's encouragement and support, she decided it was time to focus a little more on her passion and so began developing her style as an artist. 

As far as an 'art style' goes, Shelley is not sure where she fits just yet...

"I guess it's 'freestyle' when I use my pen or ink on paper. I don't have a plan on where I place anything, I just let it happen and if I don't like the end result, I work on solving the issue I have with it until I'm happy. I've become fond of using acrylic paint on canvas with a street style influence... but I don't feel I'm limited to those styles... I really just go with the flow".

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