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Shelly Pamensky is a self-taught, London based artist. Her paintings have been sold both locally and abroad, as well as in The Really Affordable Art Show. She has produced numerous commission pieces for private individuals and collaborated with interior designers such as Kelly Hoppen.  Shelly has exhibited with The Aviary in a group show in August and December of 2019 and was due to show her work with Roy’s Art fair in 2020, postponed to 2021.


Her art incorporates positive messages and thoughts about life from past experience, lessons learned and current thought, expressed through the use of colour, various media, recurring motifs and words. 


The Artist is interested in the rise after the fall, moments of change, realisation, how we find inner peace and presence despite the chaos of the  world around us.


Themes of love, peace and energy are common in the work, represented by motifs such as: flowers, skulls, peace signs, stars and butterflies as well as the use of words.  There is a strong emphasis on the expressive use of colour and experimentation with various media such as oil paint, acrylic, spray paint, elements of collage and glitter encrusting techniques. Her art is an act of internal expression colliding with the outside world. 


Event Participating in:

Roy’s Art Fair May 2021

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