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I have always loved art, music, and nature (especially the beach). They are relaxing “escapes” for me. A place of calm, driving my creativity as well.  I painted my first landscapes a few years ago, but painting took a whole new meaning for me and developed into SO much more over the last year. Our mom had end stage cancer.  While my sister and I spent time caretaking for her, I found myself diving into acrylic painting for breaks. I noticed while doing so, my mind actually went to a calm, blank place. This also helped me cope with the reality before me. I truly believe it was a spiritual occurrence as part of a preparation for me that our mom was going to be leaving us, in the earthly sense…


It was an interesting and special thing Mom and I shared together, as she also painted - a very talented oil artist for most of her life. She was very happy about me discovering this art outlet and growing in it.  It became a passion of mine, and I am glad she got to witness it! We had many great moments over the past year with me asking her feedback/guidance on certain pieces. That bond brought us much joy. It was clear this was to be a real purpose in my life going forward. And, it is exactly that...her interest/legacy is here living on! I am blessed with some of her talent and it helps me feel her presence.


What do I like to paint? What’s my style??

I am quite diverse, maybe a little hard to “peg”!  Probably my favorite is simply experimenting and creating colorful abstracts out of the blue! I also am inspired by coastal things and nature. However, there is quite a variety of subjects and colors I paint.  I suppose this is not surprising to me and probably a reflection of who I am.  Passionate, whimsical, fun, free spirit and then can also be detailed, serious, and very focused.


My hope is to bring insight, light, warmth and joy to people through my art, as well as my story.  I certainly hope you enjoy viewing them and know each one is created from the heart. Passion. Purpose. Painting.


Thank you for your support!


Sherri Springer

SLS Artworks



-I was honored to participate in two art shows in Birmingham, Alabama.

March 22, 2019

May    23, 2019


-My art is currently on display in four locations in my local area, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.

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