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Shoshana Den-Macker has been making art for 20 years. She has the French and
American double nationality and feels this identity has greatly influenced her inspiration. She lives in the South of France with her French husband and daughter. Both of her parents are artists (photographers, and gallery owners together). Her father is a full time sculptor, painter and mixed media artist. Her mother is an art curator and jewelry creator. Just like “Obelix” she fell in the magic artistic potion when she was little;).

Her values are at the heart of her work. She is an environmentalist and humanist.
She believes that our biggest mistake as humans has been to separate ourselves from nature.


She often paints from her photographs. Her paintings are inspired by singular moments of light, texture, color, composition and abstraction by concentrating on details. She loves finding beauty in the ordinary.

She is not afraid of combining different media, any means necessary to obtain the desired effect.

She loves working with other artists and has found the mural painting to be an exciting
process to have different artistic perceptions brought together to brainstorm, design and
then make it real on a huge scale.
She feels creativity; this essential "joie de vivre" is to be shared with everyone.

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