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Shuko Kawase is a contemporary international artist based in Barcelona, Spain.

She was born in Singapore and spent time growing up in Tokyo, Japan; Princeton, NJ, USA; and Frankfurt, Germany. She has a B.A. in Visual Arts from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. She also spent time studying fine arts at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado; Les Beaux-Arts de Paris in Paris, France; SCAD Lacoste in Lacoste, France; Lorenzo de Medici School of Creative Arts in Florence, Italy; and Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island. Wanting to reconnect with her family's culture, Shuko lived in Japan for 7 years before moving to Spain in 2017. 

The colors, textures and shapes of the many cultures Shuko has experienced throughout her life emerge in joyful fusion onto wood, paper and canvas. She works in layers, starting with acrylic and metal leaf, and she often finishes with oil. She reinterprets life’s experiences into abstract visuals, leaving space for emotions and symbolism to make surprising and rich appearances in her artistic projects.


BA in Visual Arts from Brown University

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