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When I was a kid, my father gifted me with his taste and craft of oil painting and his love of nature, loughs, storytelling, and treasure hunting.

Later on, every time I wanted to follow the art path, music would always divert my path.

A long list of events drove me to look after artists on tours.

Beautiful traveling years, meetings, and gigs where I was able to comprehend the power of music on a crowd.

I kept painting between tours without being satisfied with my work.

After a burn out for giving myself away too much, my desires went to sculpting. I felt more pleasure in creation with the material.

Silgato was born the first time, half Sylvia, half a Cat.

Music tours came back around and diverted to stand up comedy artists tours 2 children came to my life and occupied my creativity

during their early childhood Only recently Silgato came back to life again.


A new version of the early Silgato. I am using today the life experiences: music, humor, travels, nature, storytelling, writing, childhood...

I am listening to music and some kind of synesthesia takes form, colors are imposing themselves. Movement is created.

The mind is shut and I am leaving off a journey.

When I get back to reality, pareidolia shows me a story inside the canvas.

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