Silke Jantz-Naeem is a self-taught Germany-based abstract artist.
Since her teen years, she has lived in many different parts of the world,
sometimes in cultures diametrically opposed to her own, rubbing shoulders
with Hinduism and Islam. The austere geometry of Islamic design patterns
and the extravagant flourish of Arabic calligraphy has marked her just as
much as the bold colors of India. Inspired by and filled with the diversity of
her experiences, her artistically-inclined soul (music, interior decorating,
writing) has eventually led her to try her hand at painting while living in the
The United Arab Emirates.
Discovering photography (owing to the extraordinary beauty of her
then-country of residence, the Sultanate of Oman), she found that colors,
shapes, hues, light, and contrasts resonated deeply within her. Through the
the lense of the camera, she was always in search of hidden details,
incongruous angles or parts of a bigger “whole” that usually go unnoticed.
Initially drawn to Acrylic Pouring, in which the random appearance of color
cells mirrored the randomness of life (inception, growth, disappearance),
she found her current way of artistic expression in times of enormous
physical pain. Afflicted with an autoimmune disease, art has become her
therapy, her escape, her vehicle through the dark days when the pain is
overwhelming. It is a silent cry of pain as much as an exuberant offering of
Her work is something intensely intimate and vulnerable, yet filled with
energy and still reflecting the cycle of life that has inspired her work since
the earliest pours – create, alter, erase, reshape: all reflected in the way
she layers colors and creates texture in a perpetual search for depth and
dimension. The ingrained curiosity of a lifelong explorer and learner also
reflects in her work, diverting materials and tools from their intended use
and experimenting with a wide range of materials as “additives” to her

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