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Silverstone has been developing his artworks in an abstract form. While he is heavily
influenced by the nature and naturally occurring colours in Portugal (for instance wide range of tones of blue, green, red, yellow) He paints things that cannot be seen in real-world, and no photo camera can capture. Most of his artworks are on stretched canvas and painted on the side, while some are rich in texture.

Silverstone feels himself best when his hands and eyes are dancing with colours. He
combines different colours and talks with the canvas. One of the first things he does it every morning to spend some time alone to watch the on-going and recently finished works that is also one of the last things he does in the night. For him, food and art are equally needed for human wellbeing.

Silverstone has bachelors, masters, and PhD degree.

Silverstone has five artwork collections (More information on

Universe Collection: Different ground, different air. Welcome to Silverstone´s Earth
alternatives. Some bright, some needs more light, some foggy, some snowy. Let´s see
other planets on our walls.

Happy Collection: Happy Collection paintings will cheer you up with their colours.

Earth Collection: Earth Collection paintings show how the Earth and life of Earth is
perceived by Silverstone.

Turn off the Lights Collection: In the "Turn off the Lights" collection there are
unique paintings that glow in the dark. Your visitors will love them.

Imperfect Collection: Some of the things in the universe are imperfect, irregular, or
asymmetrical. This collection is for people who are comfortable with imperfection.

Depending on his mood and amount of personal time, he likes to work on non-commercial, experimental artworks (unusual paintings, mixed media, sculptures, and designs). He enjoys books and gardening.

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