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After spending 5 years in the hospitality industry she decided that it was not quite her lifetime dream job and it was not late to make a radical change. She quit her job and went to Italy and traveled around the beautiful country with a very limited amount of savings. She was fascinated by the art culture, the way of preservation of it, appropriation of its own millennial history. Especially early and late renaissance art exhibited in Florence & Rome had been a great inspiration for her. She learned drawing skills and all the basics of form and lines up to portraiture. Started to practice only pencil & charcoal drawings from just simple objects to Renaissance picture copies. 

To make a living, she fancied herself in the dynamic fashion industry and remained in the industry for ten years in fashion merchandising with a lot of traveling in Europe, mainly Italy & France that kept her spirit up. Business Development followed where she had been employed in Dubai from 2015 March until 2020 Covid-19 pandemic lockdown in March. 

She believes her pregnancy played a role in finding the inspirations for her to start over again which happened to be in 2019 November. Therefore she called the first collection of paintings Incubation.

She paints to express infinite freedom consciousness resides in her as a source of inspiration. 

Mainly uses acrylic and pastel mediums on canvas / paper or  hardbaord. 

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