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Contemporary dancer, choreographer, painter, teacher, and yoga instructor Silvia was born in Argentine, and for the last 20 years, she lives and works in France teaching Contemporary Dance and Yoga. She has taught a lot of students how to build their personality in dance improvisation so that they can lend their creativity with freedom and enthusiasm.


Silvia had been painting and experimenting with acrylics, inks, pastel, and mixed media since she was a teenager, doing abstract contemporary and figurative artworks. She believes in artistic expressions as part of the deep fullness processes of knowledge of yourself. Painting, dancing, meditating, teaching, every artistic expression is full of life and provides you an open mind and the biggest conscience, incrementing the feeling of gratitude in your soul. She is most active on her Instagram app, where she publishes photos and videos about her artworks.


Ever since I remember, dance has been a part of me. Now creating choreography or a piece of visual art seems identical to me. I feel the same when I paint as when I improvise a dance, direct another dancer, or prep a movement sequence for my students. Material, medium, and techniques are transient and arbitrary choices. Of course, the materialization is different in dance – more fragile and ephemeral than canvas or paper – even if photos and films are available to watch. When I was a child, observing art was all about the vibration, the energy. As if the picture I was looking at was alive, like a tree or an animal. Now I also perceive the hand of the person who relays the energy. I am watching, eyes wide open, the colors blend together, mutate, nourish, balance, attract and repel each other, go along in a perfect balance, or a clashing accident.


To me, the creative process is connected to that moment when the soul materializes and the mind does not intervene. What matters is the state I am in when I create, the reaching of another state of consciousness. So when I paint, I am focussed, all senses open, but in the unknown. I let soul and matter connect. I let the painting make the journey and a message comes up.


My paintings are an experience that I indulge in with a sense of discovery. There is nothing intentional about them. I am neither deciding nor controlling. The way for me is playing, that’s all! I do not know what will happen next, but I sense that everything is united, what we see, and what we do not see, like in yoga or Tantra. And I feel grateful for all the shapes and content popping out of invisible matter.

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