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I was born in 1965 in the North of Italy by the sea only a few kilometers aways from Le Cinque Terre; whilst breathing its saltry sea air my free spirit gained shape and substance.

I was created with a burning passion mainly for ballet and all artistic expressions, so before I could speak I sang, before I could walk I danced and before I could write I drew.

I studied Graphic Design and Computergraphics in Rome (Italy) and Hamburg (Germany) and I was employed as a print designer and desktop publisher in Rome and in King’s Lynn during my 6-year stay in UK. On my return back to Italy, I became an analyst for an Oil company until my redundancy a year ago. For as long as I can
remember, I have been feeding myself constantly with graphic projects, art exhibitions, travels and museums, love of photography, poetry writing and more recently painting.


I have been selling to some private clients since I started painting, and I am having a couple of commissions ongoing. My home is now a room filled with acrylic colours, watercolours, canvases and brushes. I have finally found my true self.

Love life, feel gratitude for the universe.

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