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Simon Dierkes, born 1988 in Münster (Germany) grown up in London and Düsseldorf, is a painter, illustrator, and art therapist. After a bachelor’s degree in painting in Enschede (the Netherlands) he exhibited in The Hague and Amsterdam. Following his interest in psychology, he did his master’s degree in art therapy in Bonn, Germany, while working and exhibiting in Düsseldorf and Cologne. Working as an art therapist and muralist in the Dominican Republic and Germany from 2016-2020, he now focusses again on his artworks in his home studio in Düsseldorf.


Technical skill and detailed preparation play a large roll in his painting process, while always including space for spontaneous expression. Simon Dierkes uses a wide range of visual influences from Old Masters like Bosch, Goya, and El Greco with stylistic devices from Symbolism, Art Nouveau, Abstract Expressionism to contemporary animation, and graffiti.


His figurative paintings often contain ambiguous characters in hazy surroundings. People leaping and jumping, groups caught in dances or struggles. The moving and falling bodies convey a feeling of ecstasy and impending doom, with some characters in contemplation, others in rage, or blissful happiness. The more abstract pieces explore the line between expression and narrative, setting a calmer tone, and integrating landscapes in a dizzy moment between abstraction and realism. In the most recent work, these landscapes became organic structures, which are broken down into patterns and shapes.