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“The audience is irrelevant.”

Artist bios are ironic. Great art is produced only in the absence of the person, when the
story of a self is shed, and left crumpled on the floor like a cast aside dressing gown.
Spontaneous creative flow is natural in that place of non-judgement. As the world grows more and more obsessed with productivity and efficiency, art stands in contrast as something useless and timeless. A breath of fresh air, an oasis, a chance to be still, in a world of constant motion and demands for attention.

Simon has had an interest in art since he was a boy, admiring the works of a diverse range of artists such as Van Gogh, Duchamp, Basquiat, Dali and Magritte, as well as prehistoric and aboriginal art. Around 10 years ago, partially inspired by artists he followed on social media, he decided to dive in and give it a crack himself, and has been consistently producing art since then.

Simon’s works are often unplanned and he enjoys watching them unfold on the canvas or paper in front of him, with the philosophy that there are no mistakes in art. Though he experiments with various mediums, he is currently mostly working with acrylics on canvas.

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