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Simoni is a Greek creative who has spent the last 10 years of her life in
London. She has worked around the fashion and art industries with top
tier brands. She has spent a big amount of time helping the famous
fashion photographer David Sims – which was a significant time for her
to explore her aesthetics and the London scene. Her multi-disciplinary
art has been described as a "parthenogenesis" of emotions in the
contemporary arts.
Her special technique of combining reality with dreamlike vibes is her
trademark combined with her themes. She is a University of the Arts
graduate with a distinction in her Masters – her educational background
varies from Graphic Design, Advertising and Psychology. Her main
inspirations are dreams, boyfriends and the state one has while at his
home. A lot of upcoming events involving Simoni will take place in
Athens and London – stay tuned!

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