I am Snowdrop Sunset, or more accurately I am energy experiencing life through the physical body of Terri, a female human living here on earth in the North East of England. My path has led me through many twists and turns through many different aspects of creation and design. I have always been creative and trained in Graphic Design before embarking on a successful career in portraiture and commercial photography. Since ending my career as a Photographer in 2015 I rediscovered my love for painting as a personal expression and hobby.


For the past four years, I have developed my creative expression through abstract painting, playing with various mediums, and developing my personal style. I have a love of colour, light, and texture, I like to play with shapes, flows, and the illusion of the paintbrush or the bold streak of a pallet knife. I create artworks with two ranges; my own unique play of abstract illusion art exploring the world of nature through a brush and knife with the illusion range and by using my spiritual gift I began incorporating energy work into my Art and I have developed a range of Healing Art. Healing Art involves channeling universal energies and I allow intuition to guide the choices of the piece and allow the art to emerge. Art is a love for me and I respond as I feel it wants to be created.

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