Painting is an expression of vital significance for me and my lifelong companion.      

In 2019 I decide to follow this passion exclusively.

Since September 2019 full-time student at an art school for abstract painting (Düsseldorf/ Germany).


Since April 2020 I open my artwork to the public space.


About the my creative process: “I try to feel the rhythm and the colours of nature for example a powerfully flowing river, a stormy sky and I feel the temperature of the colours and the power and energy of  the movement and let this impressions work on me. Then I follow the impulse they give me, it can be a colour pulse or a gestural movement impulse. I put this on paper and I wonder myself what happens then: each picture develops its own dynamic, every colour calls for the next, every movement demands a counter movement, and in this process I create a new universe, which I could not have imagined before.


At least each picture is about light, space and energy, which are only created by lines and surfaces and my unique experience.”

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