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Sonja Horgan is an Irish artist originally from Serbia, she graduated from the Art Academy University of Novi Sad with a BA in Fine Art- Painting. Sonja additionally specialized in oil and mixed media techniques under the tuition of her father Isidor Vrsajkov a renowned artist of ex-Yugoslavia.

Sonja has done extensive research on layering and glazing techniques and her canvases have many layers that overlap and contribute to the richness and vibrancy of the colors, textures, and subtle details; her painting technique also includes subtracting process as a way of defining the final form and composition. Sonja’s recent personal experience and training in Art Therapy has had a significant influence on her artworks and style.

Sonja's paintings frequently have elements of collage and assemblage as she adds various materials to her artworks for a three-dimensional effect. Inspired by the natural beauty of organic shapes and vibrant colors, her abstract artworks are often reminiscent of coral reef and underwater world, the polar world of eternal ice and northern lights, rainforest with its fascinating natural colors; in addition, she is working on a series of abstract cityscapes and landscapes which reflect the same color palette of vibrant and muted colors.

Sonja resides in Kilkenny, Ireland where she works from her home studio; she is a member of several professional art associations in Ireland and Serbia. Sonja has participated in many group exhibitions and has had several solo exhibitions. Sonja’s paintings are in many private collections.

Sonja has a Foundation in Art Therapy Certificate from Dublin Art Therapy College.

Recent selected galleries and exhibitions:  GALLERY@ No. 6, Dublin, Ireland; M.A.D. Milano, Italy; Watergate Theatre Gallery Kilkenny, Ireland; Kilkenny Art Festival, Kilkenny Ireland; Artbox projects Zurich, Switzerland; Artbox Projects Miami, USA

February 2019 Solo Exhibition ‘Ethereal and Neon’ Watergate Theatre Upstairs Gallery

Recent Collaborations: ARTIQ, June 2020, artwork licensing 

 Upcoming events: Artbox Projects, Barcelona, October 2020                                      

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