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My name is Sonnhild Kost and I am 59 years old. I'm from Germany.
I worked in my dream job, as a draftswoman, for 35 years.
The death already close, I fought my way back to life.
Now, I want to leave footprints of myself.
Now, the time has come for me to show myself and realise myself.

In 2013, I started painting auto-didactically.
In order to show myself from the inside out, I merge with the colours while painting.
Through these I express my feelings and tensions that I cannot put into words.
This way, I connect my spiritual with the real world and bring it into balance.
The best thing about it is, that everything is allowed, nothing is a must. I am free from rules and regulations.
So I always try new things. Experiment with colours, different materials and different painting techniques.
As many people as possible should see my pictures, talk about them, work with them and feel captivated by them.
My pictures bring colour, light, love, strength and new energy into every room in which they're hanging.

I had my first exhibition in summer 2014. Many more followed. See my website for more info about them.
My artistic urge also results in pottery, writing poetry and photography.
I mix my photos with digital graphics and by using various editing techniques,
they start shining in a new light.
I enjoy experimenting.

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