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Sophia Gunkel is an abstract and landscape painter with German and Malaysian roots. 


Emotion and energy are two core concepts explored throughout Sophia’s work. By carefully analysing and studying her dreams, she examines how these elements operate in the unknown parts of the self - the unconscious mind. The ocean as well as developments in neurology, marine biology, astronomy, and physics also inspire Sophia and often influence her work.


Sophia enjoys experimenting with different paint mediums, each piece is uniquely created through a multitude of layers. Her paintings are fluid and intuitive, which depicts the expression of the subconscious in abstract form.


Sophia’s passion for art revealed itself to her at an early age, starting with her upbringing spread across Asia and Europe - more specifically the erupting art scenes in Shanghai and Singapore. After completing her bachelor’s in the Netherlands in 2013, Sophia returned to Singapore to begin a career in real estate. During this time she was also involved in her family’s jewellery and art business.


For Sophia, painting has always been a priority: “Art allows me to manifest the sensations that emerge from my dreams into a physical composition. The action of painting helps me subconsciously make sense of things that I cannot otherwise make sense of rationally, I can’t imagine not doing it.” When viewing her work, Sophia aspires to ignite the imagination of the viewer by transporting them into snippets of her dream world.


While Sophia’s artistic practice has been mostly self-taught, she has also attended courses at the Academy of Art in Bad Reichenhall, Germany. 


In 2018, Sophia returned to Europe to continue her career in art. She currently lives in Amsterdam where she focuses on producing and promoting her work.


Today, Sophia’s artwork can be found in private collections all over the world. She has sold her work through galleries in Singapore & Amsterdam and even more broadly online. Her work continues to feature in both digital and print publications, such as British Vogue.


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