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Through my artwork, I depict the poles of human existence and perception, including the unconscious. As an artist and psychologist, I express the plurality of the mind, the psyche, internal landscapes determined by harmony and disharmony, balance and imbalance. Inspired by that plurality, my work reflects an impulsive yet tranquil sense of being as well as conscious and unconscious paths of mind in a contemporary informal art style. Having lived, painted and studied in Berlin, Paris, and Leipzig, I am happy to have participated in shows around Europe and most recently in China. The values of painting led me to experiment with various techniques and material and evolving throughout my artistic career.

Dedicated to the exploration and the freedom of the abstract form, I employ bold forms of color and process to create. My current works are all in high-quality acrylic technique on canvas and wooden stretcher frames, carefully protected by special varnish, in bigger formats. I live in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg and on the island Usedom.

"I dismantle my perception, reduce it to the essential, and reassemble the fragments. Harmony and disharmony, balance and imbalance - alternating baths of alert minds. In complementary nuances of white, the tensions between light and dark are characteristic, as structure suggesting my return to clear forms and elements. My interest focuses on the search which lies beyond our journey to the material. Like internal landscapes, my picture depicts emotions at a certain point in time and highlights their contrasts.“

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