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Since I discovered making art in my 40’s I’ve realised that it is a voyage that now that I am on it, I can’t get off. My process is quite simple I start with a colour or an image I want to focus around and use either in my work directly or maybe create a larger version of it in my work. I love including animals, nature and bringing in natural elements like wind or water. I have an abstract approach and love to bring in lots of different textures and different materials, but I also like to have some objects in there that are recognisable too. I have a general idea of how I want to create something
and I collect different bits and pieces I want to include in it but I never know how the whole picture will look like, that just develops and grows as I work. It is fair to say that lots of my pieces and quirky and have a fun childlike element to them.

I hope that my art helps people to drift off and explore in their mind other places, other times, and help them to remember all the good and beautiful things that we have in the world.

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