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Hey guys, a little about me and what made me the artist I am today and will be tomorrow. First of all my name is Kathleen Perample. I was born on the south side of Chicago. I have lived in Tennessee, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Arizona all before I graduated High School.  My mother moved around a lot.  My sister and I have lived a rough childhood. We lived without water and electricity for a while. Then we lived in the back of an SUV for a little bit.

            During all these life experiences I have always found relief in running and drawing.  As long as I stayed busy the easier it was to deal with the real world.  At age 14, my sister and I basically lived on our own. After I graduated high school, I moved away to Texas. This is where I noticed my drawings have changed from sharp edges to softer drawings.  I eventually moved to England and my drawings from angels to more devilish drawings. All of this happened because I lost my son.  After I lost him, I put down the pencils and did not start drawing again until my second son was born. That was 4 years later. 

            I have begun surviving life again. While I served in the military, I was too busy to sit back and think about my past life and to draw. Living through a 5-year marriage of hell, my son and art are the only things holding me together.  I was back drawing happy thoughts mixed with the abstract. I did not start oil painting until my next marriage. My anxiety and depression started to take a toll on my life again.  So, honestly, I just bought all the supplies I needed to oil paint and what you will see on this site is what comes from my attacks and my feelings through life.

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