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A self-taught artist, I like to create vibrant, colorful paintings. In fact, my mission is to create “Happy Art’ – something that brings a gleam in your eye and a smile to your face. For me, art is a stress-buster. In tough times, painting for a few hours would give me peace and mental strength to face the day.

Somehow, reading books to my children as they grew up, I was always drawn to the illustrations which brought the book alive. I draw inspiration from children’s illustrators such as Axel Scheffler, Jim Kay, Sandra Dieckmann and many more. In addition, as a child I was surrounded with books around me with my grandfather being a bibliomaniac. I have seen some amazing books by artists such as John Gould and Audubon. These have influenced my
art as well.

In my paintings, I use several motifs, to create a lively, pulsating and energetic feel. Being an only acrylic painter for a very long time, I have now started dabbling in mixed media and am thoroughly enjoying the journey. Always fond of bright colors, you will find my work to be imaginative and interesting.

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