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One very boring summer, art lessons taken in a desperate attempt to kill the boredom and an inspiring art teacher is how it all began for 12-year-old me.


I began painting on fabrics and canvases in my early teens, voraciously exploring oils, watercolour, pen and ink, oil pastels, and learning still life drawing from accomplished art instructors. I enrolled for a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Sir J J School of Arts, Mumbai, which was a huge accomplishment and a real game changer! J J was one of the best art schools in India at the time, and I am still in awe of the amazingly talented students I spent time with there.


After graduating from university, I traveled quite a lot with my husband. This was another dream come true but came at the cost of my painting, as it was difficult juggling a house, two kids, a full-time corporate job, traveling, and art. I did a few interim commissions during this time but after 20 years of being within a corporate environment, I left my job to pursue my dream of being a full-time artist. This was in September 2018.


I am the Founder Artist for the art studio called Studio Kavachi, and my style involves bold and bright colours, and using different textures to achieve vibrant and spirited effects. I am a firm believer in spreading joy & happiness through art, so I’d like to think my works have a very happy & positive vibe to them.

I love doing commissions and have sold several pieces of my art in America, UK & India.

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