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Smita Sonthalia lives in London and has been practicing art for 18 years. Born in India in 1981, Smita experienced the ancient roots and vibrant culture of the community while growing up. Her love for painting and colors since childhood only got deeper from internalizing the various traditional art forms in the country as she traveled around, read & learned about them.  She dabbled in several art events, competitions, courses during her early years. After completing her Diploma in Fine Art, she went on to pursue her Masters in Fine Arts from Mysore, India. After living in Singapore and several cities in India, Smita has made London her home. She has traveled to more than 20 countries and continues to draw inspiration from various cultures and art forms.


Smita is a contemporary artist, primarily working from her studio in North London. She draws inspiration from nature, spiritualism, and women. Most of her paintings are mixed media and acrylic on canvas though she has done several oil-on-canvas as well as creating a variety of paintings - figurative, floral, folk, and (semi)abstract. She experiments with textures, layers, inks, lines, patterns in her works to create something different.


Smita’s art has been very well received. Her paintings have been exhibited at many solo/group exhibitions and art fairs in Singapore, India & UK. Her work is also displayed on online galleries like Saatchi and FineartAmerica. She is very active in the local art communities doing her bit to promote art and artists. “I am very thankful to everyone for the tremendous support. It encourages me to continue on the artistic journey”, says Smita.


When not painting or running after my daughters, she spreads the love for art by teaching people of all ages. She is very popular with her students and has inspired many to pick up the painting. Her friends and family motivate her constantly to live her dream – creating art and spreading her wings on Canvas. Painting is love, work, play, meditation and prayer for Smita.

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