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Being in motion – everything is in motion at any time, everything is in context with something else right here and right now.“


Stefanie Kamrath's paintings are the visualization of her personal perception of the present, the intense dealing with an exciting interaction. Nothing is completely isolated. During her process of painting, she reveals the invisible in strong colours, using her whole body for strong motions right here and right now. Body movement and dancing have always been central elements of Stefanie Kamrath's education and life. She studied Architecture and Economics, in Paris/France and in Aachen/Germany and Fine Arts in Essen/Germany, now she is living and working as a visual artist and as an architect in Dortmund/ Germany.


Working as an architect she loves creating spaces and working as an artist she loves revealing the invisible in between.


Coming events:

„Tribute to Mozart“, Art Nou Millenni Gallery, Gustavo Maeztu Museum Navarra/ Spain, „Discovery Art Fair Frankfurt 2020“, Unique Contemporary, Frankfurt/ Germany, „art3f“ Salon international d'Art contemporain 2020, Bruxelles/ Belgium, „ArteHos 2020“, Art Nou Millenni Gallery, Espacio 120, Barcelona/ Spain, „Christmas exhibition“, Hofburg, Galerie Bertrand Kass, Innsbruck/ Austria, Exhibition „Wunderkammer“ 2021, Jelmoni Studio Gallery, Valssamo/ Kaapeli, Helsinki/ Finland, „solo exhibition“ 2021, Aaagaard Galerie, Berlin/ Germany


Selection of exhibitions:

„Art Innsbruck 2020“, Galerie Bertrand Kass/ Austria, „Causeries de Couleurs“ Galerie d’Art Oujda/ Morocco, „Sm’art 2020“ Aix-en-Provence/ France, „Little Treasures 2019“, Trevisan Art International/ Galleria de Marchi Bologna Italy, „Co-existence 5“ Rossocinabro Gallery Rome/ Italy, „7.Revierkunst 2018“ Zeche Ewald/ Germany.