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Marquetry is the art and craft of applying pieces of veneer, mainly wood, to a substrate to form pictures and designs using the grain, figure, and natural colour of wood veneers to create a finished piece.


I specialise in contemporary wood veneer and mixed media marquetry art pieces. I use a combination of natural, dyed, and engineered wood veneers and other substrates in my work. 


I take my inspiration from the textures, colors, and grain patterns in the wood veneers, all of which lead me on a pareidolia-inspired direction for a new marquetry piece. 


Almost as much as image creation, I enjoy the crafting process of marquetry using the simple tool of a scalpel and a steady hand, aiming for precision in cut and fit. 


My design training was in marketing communications and print design. And I was a creative director responsible for award-winning advertising campaigns for blue-chip multi-national technology leaders.