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I paint figures in landscapes, surrounded by nature.


During the lockdown, our human relationship with the natural world around us has surprised us, to the extent to which it has been key to our well-being.


I want to show the natural world as a profound comforter and solace and also a delight. My aim is to impart the quiet joy and intensity that I feel when I go out into, and commune with, the natural world. I want to show that this is a very everyday feeling, springing from going out into the countryside close to where I live.


Indeed, my work deals with the familiar, walks in the countryside, climbing trees, exploring places. And yet the vibrant colors and dripping paint within the works, shift the sense of place, opening out the meaning and allowing other narrative possibilities to emerge. The images are a little 'edgy', even voyeuristic. Who are these people we are watching? As they look at the figures depicted, through the undergrowth, in the distance, along a path, half-hidden up in a tree, I hope the viewer will relate what they see to their own experiences of nature.


As modern humans, our connection to nature, though more distant, remains profound and strong. I want to show the wonder of being surrounded by nature. These simple experiences feed our souls and lockdown has in many cases, 'unlocked' the need we have for this relationship.

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