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I started drawing when I was most of us did. I continued because patterns and
mother that gave me a fairytale explanation for any real-life question I had, and that
developed my way of processing and accepting any form of mistreat and suffering that I
encountered in my life. I could never see it for what it was, I could only decode it into a
beautiful fairytale. So to me there was never a bad situation, there were simply interactions
with deeper and colder colours. I kept that approach for most of my life because it aligned
with the fact that I have synesthesia. Then all changed when I moved to England to study law.
I was left to deal with myself so all the darkness that I had repressed throughout my life came
out in the form of obsessively repetitive patterns. None of the above influences on me have
truly been resolved, but I am embracing hints of light when I am producing art. 


My approach is simple. I reproduce people's soul-prints on my mind. When I meet a person I view them 

as a form of a muse. It is almost a hobby for me to try to see through their masks and truly understand 

them. Once they show me a hint of their darkness I mentally absorb it and am overwhelmed by their need to express
their story. Another artistic approach I often take is to research random theories that my mind
creates in its attempt to identify everything around it. I spot details that cause my mind to
draw analogies between what I am experiencing in my routine and the “natural cause” of things,
or that cause my mind to search for a deeper and more mystical meaning. Then I pick a brush
or a pencil and allow a paper or a canvas to accommodate the blended feelings and theories
that my mind has been accumulating. They sometimes get too loud and that puts me off balance

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