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I was born on Valentine's Day (14th of February) in 1981 in Halle, a city in the Eastern part of Germany. After three years in primary school I attended the Waldorf school from 1990 to 2000.

I graduated in 2005 as a technical author and technical illustrator and was student of the German artist, Prof. Kerstin Alexander. In 2005 I started to work as a freelance technical writer - mainly as author and graphic designer for e-learning.

Since my job often deals with technical topics, I began a picture diary on Instagram in October 2017. One small picture for almost every day. There I could be colorful and creative in a more romantic way. I started with some collage work first, went further to linocut prints and ended up with my acrylic paintings. I also love to work with clay and fabric, but independently of the material I use, I always draw, paint, create a female figure. I try to fix a certain, deep expression that can be interpreted in various ways and which is often linked to my personal mood.

Since my early youth, I feel a firm connection to the German expressionist Paula Modersohn-Becker. I love her melancholic paintings and the way she looked into the world. Sometimes it feels a bit like honoring her with my art.

I have a passion for literature and I would love to save the whole world and its nature. I'm a mother of three and a wife, with a crush for the wide green hills of Scotland and the warm colors of Italy.

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