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From a very early age, Stéphanie always loved fine Art and was drawing since she could hold a pencil.

Born in France, near Bordeaux, where she studied Art & fashion before she moved to England. Drawing has always been her therapy to help her through difficult periods in life.
Today, she has emerged with a modern classic style, using pencil, pastel and painting to draw portraits that she describes as inspirational and intriguing. She has now been creating art pieces for clients around the world.
The driving force behind her portraits is a strong interest in people and emotions. She loves the challenge of expressing the living essence of a human being. She likes to depict the emotions, attitudes, and moods behind a face.
Her portraits have the particularity to be a bit “out of the frame” as if the characters / emotions are trapped in the frame, as she explains: “we all feel trapped most of the time, trapped in a toxic relationship, in our job, in the past, by modern society, depression, pain, love… Which create intense emotions”.

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