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Hi! My name is Stephan W. and I’m a self-taught German abstract-expressionist with Spanish roots – born 1983.

Born and raised in Germany, but always deeply connected with family and friends in Spain. I consider myself more Spanish than German. 

I’m not stuck to a genre, I paint free, because I’m always working on my skills and new techniques, but I guess “Abstract-Expressionism” describes it best. There’s always something new to discover.

My weapons of choice: High-Grade Acrylics and Oil-Pastels on canvases and papers.

How, and why did I start painting? That’s a long and personal story with lots of ups and downs – mostly downs, but if you’re interested, don’t hesitate to ask. Otherwise, this would turn into a book. 

I got into painting in May 2019 – it was more like Painting found me at that time. It all started as a kind of therapy, during my darkest hours. 

During my childhood, and ever since music gave me some calmness, and I so started playing guitars. I’m making music with my friends for at least 15 years now. The band is called “Gizela”, I never was into painting at all, so I can’t tell what I was thinking about when buying my first set of colors and canvases. The feelings that came along when I was “painting” my first picture can hardly be described in words. Spontaneous, unexpected, and looking at it, this painting speaks louder than I like it to.

Paintings are always mirroring our deepest thoughts, states of mind, feelings, desires, and longings ...

“... and finally, I can feel it, see it more clearly than ever: I have found my water!”

I love to create Things (sometimes Sculptures)/Paintings! It's not only in me, but that’s also what I’m. I need to let it out. This gives me freedom and peace of mind, which I’ve been searching for so long. That's why I'm doing it. That’s 100% me. I’m an Artist.

Getting positive feedback and seeing people enjoying my output makes me happy and satisfied – selling is just the cherry-top, but unfortunately necessary too. I paint for a living.

I'm working hard, to create something unique and special for you, that you would love to hang on your walls.

I’m open for commissions.

It's been an incredible journey so far. I started selling, I did commissions, and was elected by a jury, to participate in the annual exhibition at Kunstverein Coburg e.V. - Bavarian's biggest Art Society. Took place: 15.11. - 16.12.2019 – which was a great honor for a “Rookie”.

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