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Stephen Linhart—a native New Yorker, transplanted to Massachusetts—makes digital art, collage, vector and algorithmic art, and photography in an eclectic combination of surreal, psychedelic, abstract and expressionist styles. In his early career he focused on interactive computer art.
His art includes photos, digital collage, algorithmic art, vector art, clothing and jewelry. He makes his work with a camera, a scanner and Photoshop. His source materials include his own photography as well
as stock photographs and timeless art of the past. Starting with scans, photographs and mathematical abstractions, he blends, combines and composes to create images which move him.

The Apple Quicktime Web Challenge (Winner 1997)
International After Dark Contest (2 nd Place and 3 rd Place 1994)
Permanent Collections
Amarillo Museum of Art   Amarillo, TX
Artcolle   Sergines, France
Centre for Adult Education   Melbourne, Australia
Hill Country Arts Foundation   Ingram, TX
IMCAC   Pagosa Springs, CO
The Learning Connexion   Wellington, New Zealand
Tsanko Lavrenov National School of Fine Arts   Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Turchin Center   Boone, NC
University of Wisconsin Art Department   Marshfield, WI

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