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I am currently in the early stages of finding my artist's voice. Recently realizing my desire to create, and strength in my work comes from surface textures and natural process results. I have a keen interest in natural oxidation: controlling it as a medium, and its variances on surfaces, and involving “rust” with mixed media. I enjoy isolating the delicate texture and beauty of the natural oxidation process through contrast with another material or surface.


Often times a found object initiates my work: by incorporating it directly, imprinting, or as an inspiration to a composition. My process typically includes many layers of media, creating textures the viewer can feel. Most times I construct my own wood canvas and begin my process with many layers of paper, plaster, and acrylic paint as initial texture. I enjoy it when the final layers come organically from the base I have created. This final part of my process is peaceful to me. I really escape into the details and immerse myself in creating.


 I hope to convey to my viewers the splendor in oxidation and texture that I have a passion for. It’s all around us in our daily lives and often goes overlooked.

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